Delonte West Back At It Again...Dancing Like A Weirdo Outside Of A Strip Mall, Showing Up To Youth Basketball Games Drunk

Daily Mail - The family of NBA veteran Delonte West insists he is getting the medical help he needs to overcome bipolar – despite troubling new footage of him bellowing at kids and dancing wildly at a strip mall. Former Cavaliers guard West, 32, was seen wandering barefoot around a Houston parking lot over the weekend looking bleary-eyed and disheveled. The shock images uploaded to Instagram sparked fears for the former first-round pick who banked $16 million from the NBA but has not played in the league for four years and has previously disclosed his lifelong battle with depression. Daily Mail Online has learned that spiraling debts have left West more than $150,000 in the red and facing foreclosure on one of his two Maryland homes. However his brother Dmitri spoke exclusively to Daily Mail Online  to reassure fans that West was not in any danger and is undergoing treatment for bipolar disorder.  Another series of videos filmed just two weeks ago show the 6ft 3in sportsman pacing the sidelines at an under 12s’ basketball game in Dallas and yelling at the players. Scorekeeper Marketta Gregory, 27, told Daily Mail Online she first spotted West drinking what looked like beer in the parking lot before he walked in and took a seat. ‘At first I thought that maybe his son or his nephew was playing,’ she said. ‘But then the coaches on both teams started complaining and asking why drunk people were being let in. ‘Delonte was yelling at both teams and then he got up and walked around and tried to sit on the bench. He told one of the coaches he was his assistant.  ‘They told him to sit back down in the bleachers but he continued to holler at the kids. I don’t know if he was on something or had taken too much of his medication but he looked bad. ‘His jacket was torn, he was scruffy, he had on cowboy boots. He wasn’t hurting anyone but it was shocking to see him like that. I hope he gets some help, I really do.’

Well I dont really know how bi polar disorder works but apparently it turns you into Tyrone Biggums. Dancing outside in the streets while people egg you on

Showing up at youth basketball games and scaring all the children:

All thats left for him is to be filmed walking the streets eating a peanut butter and crack sandwich.

I’m not sure if Delonte is on too many drugs or not enough drugs but if we dont get it squared away soon this ends in disaster. Should probably just lock him up for a little while for everyone’s safety. Showing up to youth basketball games shitfaced has gotta be worth like 10 days in jail or something, no?