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What's The Hottest Winter Sport In Latvia These Days? Bathtub Sledding Of Course

Put this under the “Things that could have been brought to my attention last week” category. While I was out in Latvia freezing my big ass while learning about Godzingis and getting the cold shoulder from the Latvian people, I could have instead been making #content by riding a bathtub through the countryside. Does the thought of crashing and being stuck in a Latvian hospital scare me? Of course. But I have already proven that I will sacrifice my self esteem for the Stoolies. What’s the difference if I add whatever shred of physical health that I still have to the list too?

And I am pretty sure I know exactly where this was filmed. Then again, basically every square inch of Latvia I saw outside of Riga and Liepaja looked exactly like this. Cold, snowy, and dreary. I guess that will have to be on my list of things to do next time I go to Latvia (jk, I am never going back unless Kristaps Porzingis personally invites me as his guest as our LeBron/Windhorst relationship blossoms).