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This Oregon Lax Chick Bashing Everybody's Skull In With Her Stick Is My Kind Of Girl

A lacrosse player from the University of Detroit Mercy gets smacked in the face 3 times with a lacrosse stick by a player from the University of Oregon with no penalty being called!! – This is the definition of unsportsmanlike conduct!! This is what is ruining the integrity of our sport!!

The video has the original clip and a zoomed in clip!



I don’t get everyone whining and complaining and stamping their feet. Umm how about doing something about it? I mean how many times did this need to happen before it was clear to you that the refs didn’t give a shit? Just look at the girls’ reactions. Grabbing their heads and sulking and pouting. Here’s an idea- grab an enforcer from the end of your bench, stick her in the game and have her break her stick in half over this girl’s fucking head. Send a message. That’s what a real coach would do, not upload videos to YouTube.


“This is ruining the integrity of our sport!!”