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A High School Kid Cheapshotted Another Kid And KO'd Him So Hard He Froze In Time


When you get hit so hard that it looks like you went three rounds with Sub Zero in Mortal Kombat:


Screen Shot 2016-02-25 at 4.47.44 PM


Brutal cheap shot and the kid throwing the punches I’m sure will have lovely things said about him inthe comment section so I really didn’t want to make fun of this video. Like that shit sucks. Who knows what he said to the kid — based on body language and the fact he was holding an orange, it did seem like he was trying to calm the situation down — but no one deserves to get three quickfire shots like that.


With that in mind, that was a HILARIOUS knockout response. Arm frozen in the air, his orange sitting there sadly on the floor, the kid looking like he legit dropped a few IQ points. I feel bad for him and would gladly give him a free Ball Don’t Lie shirt but I just can’t see someone knocked out in as humorous way of that and not bring it to the public. I took an oath for this job. No one asked me to take that oath, but I did it anyway to show my commitment.


Also following up on yesterday’s Spags Tips On Guys You Should Never Fight: If a dude is too excited to fight four guys, don’t fight him. And if a kid is shaking his head angrily in that twitchy unhinged way like this while you’re trying to talk peacefully, fucking RUN man, this is a not a fight you want any part of:




(h/t Liveleak)