Brooklyn Nets Release Joe Johnson



And then there was one. Final Destination: Brooklyn Nets is almost complete. Just a complete decimation of a franchise over only a few years. Include Billy King in the mix and this has been a massacre on the level of something that you would see in Westeros. On the bright side, at least they have their draft picks so they can build from within.

nets draft picks celtics

Sorry, I love that graphic so much. Even if it means the Celtics may rise to the top of the East again because of the Nets. But this move seemed inevitable for a while now. Joe Johnson just cashing in a massive paycheck for a dead team while being a real life, albeit decent basketball playing, version of this emoji.


So now all that’s left is Brook Lopez, who I hope stays in Brooklyn for a while. Mostly so I can see what him and RoLo can do in NYC with millions of dollars and the interests of 15-year-old comic book nerds. But it will probably end with the Nets accepting a trade for 80 cents to Brook’s dollar from some contender in the next few seasons. Now play us out, Mikhail!