BAH GAWD THAT'S DEXTER FOWLER'S MUSIC!!!! Dexter Fowler Re-Signs With Cubs For 1 Year Deal








THEOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I was sitting here digesting the Coghlan trade trying to figure out where everyone will play in the Outfield and how you can play high leverage defensive moments with Schwarber in left and Soler in right and then I got Theo’d. Dexter Fowler walking away from what was a 3 year deal with the Orioles to come back and play for the Cubs and finish last year’s business. Basically took a 1 year deal to not live in Baltimore. Once you get a taste of summertime Chicago and a competitive Cubs team there is no turning back. Fucking love it. Dex is back. Everyone got Theo’d! This team is LOADED and now has crazy flexibility at basically every single position. I need opening day to get here right now.




We also just made the single greatest walk up music trade of all time.







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