This One Crazy Looking Dude Fought Off Four Guys And Honestly They Should Have Known Better


The art of streetfighting has a lot of variables and in general with untrained guys the odds are that most times four guys would beat the shit out of one guy easily. But where these guys messed up was not knowing what they were dealing with the second that dude squared up. He was ready for this moment. Hell, he might have been waiting for this moment. I mean he seemed genuinely excited on some level when he said “All four of y’all huh?” That is not a dude you fuck with. I don’t care how many guys in athletic looking shorts you have, if a man’s response to four other men threatening him is enthusiasm, you fucking run. And that’s ignoring the other signs of this dude’s low center of gravity and Latino version of Trevor from GTA V vibes. Simply not a dude to fuck with, they’re lucky they got away with just that beating.


The other thing I took away from this is that I’m so incredibly envious of the adrenaline this dude had when he was shouting and taunting them while they ran away. The high that man must have felt after fighting off four dudes, my God I can’t even imagine. He’s like Leonidas in 300 if Leonidas wore a free t-shirt and hung out with some hood rats in a crappy looking gas station. Totally what Leonidas be up to if he were in 2016 and real.