Looks Like The Rest Of The NBA Is In BIGGGGGG Trouble

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Move over MJ’s “I’m back” Fax. D-Rose is in the building and he feels like he’s probably back. Can’t be more back than maybe feeling like you’re back, baby. No way this will disappoint us at all. Derrick Rose is back and not injured and never going to get injured ever again. Watch out NBA, I think the Bulls just became a title contender! Thank God we didn’t trade Pau and made him an official member of the core at age 35!




In all seriousness Derrick has looked a lot better the past month and a half, I’ll give him that. Lot more vintage Rose moments sprinkled in throughout the past few weeks. When he plays with pace and attacks the rim it’s fun to watch. But I’ve been down this road, I’ve been hurt time and time again. So I’m happy Derrick feels good but I’m not about to start getting my hopes and expectations up. That ship has long since sailed, sunk, sailed again and sunk again in a fiery crash.