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Mets Beat Reporter Adam Rubin Chasing Down Anyone Who Tweets Pictures He Published On ESPN New York

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So for any non-Mets fans out there, this is Adam Rubin. I never really had a problem with him. He’s kind of one of those troll beat reporters who knows he has a large following of all the biggest diehard fans so he exploits that and tweets shit intentionally to rile people up. He became self aware with a few of his jokes, namely his “OH NO” tweet which was originally reserved for major Mets catastrophes and recently he used it like 15 times per game. None of which I really have a problem with. He’s like Manish Mehta Jr. But he always does a good job actually covering the team so I think hes still the best way to get info.

But then today arrived and Adam decided that, out of all the internet crusades one can undertake, this was the one. This would be the hill he dies on. The “you cant reuse my pictures that I post on the internet for public consumption without proper credit” hill. I was just sitting at my computer howling with laughter thinking about Rubin seeing his spring training photos pop up on other people’s feeds, screaming with rage. Shaking his fist at his laptop like “WE NEED TO STOP THIS INJUSTICE!! PEOPLE ARE USING MY PICTURES OF CESPEDES’ MOTORCYCLE CAR THING WITHOUT MY CONSENT!!! THIS IS ILLEGAL!!” Hey Adam welcome to 2016 you dork. Trying to stop the internet for spreading your pictures that you willingly post is legitimately insane. Almost unfathomable that Rubin can be this out of touch. This is how it works dude. I bet you probably pay for porn too.

Anyway, you guys will have to keep me posted on all the “OH NO’s” this year. The Rubin-Clancy relationship has sadly come to an end

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