Let Me Be Very Clear That I Do NOT Like These New Walking Robots

Here’s something that I’ll never understand; all these goddamn nerds who keep building these things without realizing that they are single-handily leading to the Robot Revolution. For being so smart, they’re all a bunch of Grade A Dumbasses. Do I necessarily feel threatened by this specific Atlas robot? No, of course not. Thing walks around like he’s stumbling home drunk from the bar at 2 a.m. and can barely pick up 10 lbs.


This thing really trying to flex on us humans by moving around 10 lbs? I don’t want to sound like a hardo here or anything but the last time I was at the gym I made it up to the 15’s and think I can handle the 20’s if someone sends some pre-workout my way. So no, this specific Atlas robot doesn’t scare me. And watching this little twerp get bullied was like porn to me.


But what does scare me is that eventually, these robots are going to stop being such pussies. Eventually they’re going to get stronger. They’re going to remember the time that some dude wearing shit colored pants pushed them over from behind for no good reason. And they’re going to fight back. That’s when we have a real life Terminator situation on our hands. So I guess it’s up to Philly again to save the world. We already got rid of hitchBOT, now it’s time for us to take down these sons of bitches as well. Do we want to be known as a city of robot killers? Of course we don’t. But it’s like my great grandpappy once told me. “The only good robot is a dead one hanging from a tree”. Sorry for being Team Human, I guess.

P.S. – This is funny to me. I don’t know why it’s funny but it is.

h/t SeanAndBo