Trump Saying He Loves The Poorly Educated Is The Most Genius Thing He's Ever Done




Now this right here, this is genius. I will give Trump all the credit in the world when he does something that’s next level and this is next level. Openly embracing idiots, telling them they’re idiots then giving them a big hug. Announcing to the world that the poorly educated voted for you and that you love their stupid asses. It’s brilliant. And do you know why it works? Because dumb people are too dumb to realize you’re talking about them. It’s the old, if you can’t find the sucker in the room then it’s probably you, saying. It’s impossible to be offensive when you make fun of people too dumb to get offended. You think Billy Bo the racist is sitting in his Nevada trailer realizing that Trump is talking about him? Fuck no. He’s laughing at all the dumb people that voted for Trump, helping his candidate reach the White House. I mean look at me. I’m essentially a dumb person with a college degree. I’m a dumb person in disguise. I’m a functional illiterate who fell ass backwards into a job watching sports and making jokes on the internet. Trump is talking about me as well, but in the back of my head I’ve convinced myself he’s not, and that I’m one of the smart ones. And therein lies the perfect double cross. Trump loves the dumbs. Loves them. They’re Huuuuuge for him. Not talking specifically about you dumb person over there, no you’re smart, just all the other dummies out there.





Gotta love impostor Trump at the rally. Like wearing your favorite players jersey, only instead it’s God awful hair. Need to know that guy’s deal.