Internet Comes Full Circle - The Kid Who Made The "Damn Daniel" Viral Video Had The SWAT Team Show Up To His Door At 1 Am After Trolls Pranked Him


(Source) The voice behind the viral “Damn Daniel” video fell victim to a prank Tuesday when someone called cops saying there’d been a shooting at his house.

Law enforcement tells TMZ they responded to a call around 1 AM to the Riverside, CA home after the caller said a boy had shot his mom in the head with an AK-47. However, it all turned out to be a hoax … officers cleared the scene and determined no one at the house was involved.





Well kids, we have officially reached peak internet. Dumb video that somehow goes viral. Check. Memes on top of Memes. Check. Jealous trolls that are mad at the dumb video making these kids famous so they call the Cops and tell them one of them has shot his mother in the head with AK-47. Check.



Now I’m not sure if that last part happens very often but the jealousy of trolls certainly does. This is Internet 101. Get a little attention, get a little notoriety, and next thing you know the whole world is trying to take you down. They don’t come after nobodies on the internet, even though this kid is still a nobody, but you get my point. Sometimes the SWAT team comes to your door in the middle of the night and puts you in handcuffs, other times you have to make a public announcement saying you did not get attacked by a bear. Internet is a wild wild ride.