Barstool Sports Invades Latvia, Part 1

As everyone knows by now, Hank and I survived our trip to Latvia unscathed. Nobody attempted to take our lives or freedom during our pilgrimage to the home of Godzingis. Sure we flew to Latvia on the Russian airline Aeroflot, which is apparently the favorite airline for Syrians to shoot out of the sky. And Hank ate basically nothing except peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the whole trip because the Latvian food simply did not agree with his palate. And the Latvian tourism contacts we had dried up likely once they did their due diligence on the pirate ship known as Barstool Sports. But that type of stuff is what gives Barstool its charm, right?

Regardless, we hit Latvia first like Ray J as I continue to try to cement my place alongside Kristaps Porzingis the same way Brian Windhorst once did with LeBron. Right down to the giant waistline.

Part 2 coming tomorrow…

^^^ Seriously Kristaps. Click that blue button ^^^