Johnny Manziel Is Retweeting Motivational Charlie Sheen Tweets At 3 Am So He's Basically Back

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Well then, all better. Johnny Manziel is ready to rock and roll. Little pump up speech from Charlie Sheen and we’re right back in this thing. Because if the whole world thinks you party too much, hit women, and are throwing away your chance at an NFL career, why not start taking advice from the dude who is best known for going on a month long national crack binge where he fucked a bunch of prostitutes, said a ton of crazy shit, quit his job, and then came out the other end with AIDS. I don’t know who is running Johnny’s PR these days but it seems like the strategy at this point is to keep doubling down until you win it all back in one big score. I have no idea how that actually works when it comes to a career and public image but as a gambler by nature, it would be hypocritical for me to look down on this strategy. Think about it, when all else fails in life and everyone has given up hope, just add a guy who is an even bigger wildcard/fuck up and make yourself look awesome by comparison. Dare I say Johnny Football is back?





The best part about this retweet is that it came at 3 am. Do you know how many times I’ve decided to go on a diet, start working out, quit gambling, at 3 am? That’s my most motivated time. Come home from a night of too much drinking and decide this is it, this is when you start fresh and get everything back on track. Then you flash forward to 2 pm the next day when you’re lying on the couch eating pizza and chugging blue gatorade (even though you didn’t work out at all) telling yourself tomorrow is when it all starts new.