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Tony Snell Played 9 Minutes Last Night Without Recording A Single Statistic

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I feel like people don’t realize how truly incredible this is. Mark Titus invented the Trillionaire club but he was an end of the bench guy purposefully trying to avoid a statistic in the last 60 seconds of a college blowout. This is a professional basketball player playing almost NINE meaningful minutes and not leaving a single remnant of his existence. He’s a ghost. Tony Snell couldn’t even accidentally fall into an assist or turnover or rebound. Absolutely wild. And to think this is one of the guys that the front office thought the rest of the league didn’t value correctly. What’s crazy is at one point I actually believed Tony Snell would be good. Remember when he had that one hot month and everyone said, oooh Tony Snell, he’s going to be something. Can’t be more wrong than that. Guy doesn’t even exist. He is a figment of our imagination. Tony Snell is Keyser Soze. He’s so bad it’s beginning to become impressive.







Good news is Doug McDermott finally showed some promise over the weekend, including a “dunk of the week” victory. Who says the Bulls aren’t athletic enough for today’s NBA? HA!