Rugby Player Bitch Slaps Opponent And Is Met With A Fist From Hell

Absolutely SACKED him! Don’t ever bring knives to a gunfight and don’t ever slap your way around on a Rugby pitch. These are the meanest, deadliest, and batshittiest blokes in the world. Everyone damn well knows an open fist won’t survive a single slap out there. And what the hell are these announcers talking about not condoning violence? The only thing Rugby condones more than beating the piss out of each other is the pints everyone shares after.

But props to that guy’s boy for having his back after getting bitch slapped. If you had to pick the athletes from a sport not involving boxing, wrestling or MMA to have your back in a brawl, it’s gotta be some Rugby hooligans, right? These dudes are huge, have no tolerance to pain and, even better, are usually drunk enough to not give a fuck. 20-life doesn’t come to mind when there’s a throat that’s unprotected and looks fun to stomp. Which is amazing because they come from cultures that feature the pinnacle of vaginitas in soccer. For shit’s sake, Rugby has got guys who have ruptured their testicles during games and not only keep playing but get hammered afterwards. Even though this guy went the pussy route with the slap he’ll take his timeout, slug a few brews, and return to the pitch with brain resembling Jell-O with a dash of CTE. A true thugs game played by gentlemen.

PS – Gotta love foreign descriptions of things:

Tamou had been having a tet-a-tet with Keith Galloway, but Garbutt stepped in and smashed the New South Wales prop.

I don’t know what any of that means but it somehow makes 100% sense.