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Jonathan Papelbon Apologizes To Everyone, Admits He Was Wrong, Will Probably Never Do Anything Awful Ever Again

Jonathan Papelbon, just out there reflecting on life n shit. Love it. Probably went to some meditation classes, read some books, maybe a little couples therapy with Bryce.

No but for real, hopefully this is the end of the on-going story line. It’ll be brought up all the time, but it truly does seem like everyone has moved on. Tempers flared, words were spoken, people were choked. It happens in baseball. Now I will say this- Nats fans don’t want Pap here. Fairly sure Bryce doesn’t either. But they are stuck with his huge contract that makes him virtually untradeable so they will have to make the most of a bad situation. Papelbon is under a huge microscope because he really shouldn’t be here, and the second he fucks up, it’s going to be bedlam. But until then, it does seem like everyone has moved on and are ready to chase a world series together.