Love This Guy Weaving Through Traffic, Zooming Straight Into a Tornado, Calling Everyone Going Slow Idiots And Morons On The Way

Quite possibly my favorite video ever. Dude has NO time for your speed limit or precaution when it’s the Day After Tomorrow outside. Guy is driving on the other side of the road, weaving, dipping, and dodging his way through traffic, straight into a tornado. Calling everyone an asshole and an idiot who dares slow down when the visibility is a 3/100. This guy is a boss. What was his other option, find shelter or safety? Fuck no. When you’re going through Hell, you keep on going. Even if you just think it’s a mid-day storm and not a huge funnel cloud about to sweep your car up and throw it into next year.

And the best part is he uploaded it, just figuring he was in the right and everyone else was wrong. Fucking morons trying to die, this man has places to go and people to see god dammit! I like the cut of his jib, need this guy to drop what he’s doing and run for President.