BarstoolDMV - Baltimore Podcast Episode 13 - Pitchers and Catchers, Baby! (And we recorded during the Maryland loss to Minnesota, good times)

You’ll have to excuse my piss poor editing in the beginning, I’m no Dante. We started off the podcast with some “Orioles Magic”, but that quickly turned to “Terps Tragic”. We were recording during the first half of their loss to Minnesota, so you get to hear the real time reactions of a top 10 team pissing down their leg. It’s not pretty, be happy you didn’t see the video. We discussed if we thought Melo’s recent shooting struggles could lead to him coming back (a man can dream right?), and what they need to do to fix it.

After the Terps talk, we re-visited the Yovani Gallardo and Dexter Fowler talk. Said it was typical Orioles to announce last week that they were close to signing both, yet here we are, a week later still waiting.

Banks and I also discussed the breaking news of no more Natty Boh being served at Camden Yards. We had no choice, but to talk about Hyun-Soo Kim’s gigantic belly in his pictures, and Buck’s comments about Kim’s interpreter. Pecota and USA Today take a beating as well when we give our opinions on the preseason projections and try to figure out how they had the Rays being at the top of the division.

We’re always open to comments and suggestions on how to make the podcast better, we are working on getting some guests on, so get your questions in to us!