UMASS Stoolies Be On Alert For "Hostile Armed Person" On Campus (Updated)


Hearing on Twitter that things have calmed down but continue to follow instructions, obviously. Looks like this wasnt an active shooter case but a drug deal gone awry.


Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 6.22.20 PM





Just walked in the door and saw this, wanted to get it up for all the UMASS Stoolies who check Barstool more than they check Twitter. Stay safe out there, ladies and gentlemen. See this shit on the news but it’s wild hearing about it going on right in your backyard. Keep an eye out for that 2nd involved party, a white guy in a gray sweatshirt, should be pretty easy to spot at a college in Massachusetts.


Again, stay safe and follow orders. Can’t even imagine hearing “Hostile intruder alert. Await further instructions” echoing over my college’s campus as night falls. Talk about terrifying.