It Seems As Though Someone At The Twitter Office Has Made A Huge Mistake, Barstool Sports Is Now Verified

Screen Shot 2016-02-18 at 3.28.34 PM





*Looks around for the hidden camera*



Ummm, are we getting punked? What’s going on here? Who’s fucking with us over at Twitter HQ? Years and years of silence, literally thousands of people telling us “we can get you verified”, then boom, out of nowhere, on a random Thursday afternoon. What a day. What a moment. I still think they’ll pull it from us just to mess with us. Oh whoops, we didn’t mean to give you that Blue Check Mark, let me have it back. But as of right now it sticks. Barstool Sports is verified. All of our enemies have taken their lumps the past day and a half and here we are with the arrow pointing up. I assume I have to say thanks to my boss for this one. So here it goes.



Thank You, Peter Chernin.


Viva La Stool.





How many times has Portnoy checked his personal twitter in the past 20 minutes expecting the blue check mark to pop up? Would love to see his face waiting for the hot date that never showed.