Cornell Student Sues The Attorney General Because The 21 Drinking Age Makes Him Feel Excluded

ITHACA, N.Y.A Cornell student is suing New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman after claiming that the legal drinking age of 21 makes him feel “ostracized and excluded” from other graduate students.

The action was filed by Matthew Uhalde Wednesday at the Tompkins County Court.

According to the documents, Uhalde claims to have graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science degree and was admitted to a graduate program at Cornell University in fall 2015, at the age of 19.

Uhalde says that because nearly all unofficial graduate school activities involve alcohol, he is not able to have a social life of form bonds with his peers.

The documents state, “Mr. Uhlade feels ostracized and excluded. The State’s minimum drinking age prevents him with associating with his classmates and peers. This is causing Mr. Uhalde to to experience emotional distress.”

In a phone interview with Uhalde, he said, “It’s really cool that I got into grad school at 19.”

But he said he’s struggled to maintain an active social life because of his age.

“I don’t think that’s fair because I’m an independent adult. I have a college degree,” Uhalde said.

He went onto say that he understands the case might be dismissed, but he wanted to take a stand.

“I guess I’m just trying to make a statement,” Uhalde said. “I’m really not trying to be a rebel or be defiant or cause problems.”

First of all does that quote not just scream Andy Bernard?

In a phone interview with Uhalde, he said, “It’s really cool that I got into grad school at 19.”

Uh, ok? Only a Cornell grad would open up an interview about his pending lawsuit with a line like that.

I do love the initiative he’s showing here though. Everybody else gets to sue and complain and protest when they feel left out of something…why not you? All your friends go out to the bars, (and you somehow are the first college student in history to have not heard of a fake ID), so why not sue that weasel Schneiderman for making you feel excluded? Every college student should have the right to a Safe Space of their choosing. Matt just wants his to be the club.

I actually don’t know how I feel about lowering the drinking age though? 21 is just such a cool milestone. Your 21st birthday and all your friend’s 21st birthdays are the events of the century. I don’t know, just seems like there’s so little to look forward to in life that we should protect the things that really mean something. Plus it makes drinking in high school so much more fun, having it be against the law and having to sneak around. I actually believe having to drink illegally from 15-21 helps you develop a ton of important life skills – self sufficiency, the ability to acquire products/negotiation, white lies. I’m sure all the little high school seniors reading this disagree, but trust me young bucks, when you get to your 30s and walk into yet another shitty dive bar and order a beer without getting carded, you’ll miss the days when you had to sneak a 12 pack in the spare tire well of your trunk, sneak it down into your buddy’s basement, wait for his parents go to sleep and sip on some warm Bud Lights while smoking a bowl in the bulkhead.