Drunk, Dancing Guy Knocks A Cop Out With A Chuck Norris Spin Kick





Worst cop ever? Worst cop ever.



Say what you will about American cops, but at least they’re not a bunch of pussies. Sure, on OCCASION they kill an unarmed person. PERHAPS they choke a dude to death here and there. But at least in America they’ve got respect. This dude just sat in his car, eating his machboos, and watching a hooligan cause all sorts of traffic. When he got out he proceeded to let the man treat him like a paying customer in the champagne room and then get knocked out. So goddamn embarrassing. Ten minutes ago I assumed Kuwait was one of those “if you steal, we chop your hand off right on the spot” places. Now I’m convinced I could walk in there and own the place. You ever think how if you could go back in time it would be so much easier to kill people and rob banks? That’s what I think of Kuwait now. Your cops are pussies and I can do whatever I want there.





Will give the assaulter some credit though. While the spin kick was on par with Mac’s karate skill set, that wet the hand move was intimidating as shit. Basically Maximus in the Colosseum.