IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN. Remember when this was simply a joke people were knocking around, a la the Doug Pederson hiring? Just when you think the Eagles couldn’t get any lower, they’re going to go ahead and pull a stunt like this…and TOTALLY redeem themselves throw the fanbase farther down the shitter. Because who wouldn’t want a 30-year-old QB with 400 career passing yards to his name? If this were a Pederson/McNabb situation where a guy was being brought in to keep the saddle warm for the franchise in waiting – OK. I could at least understand. But there is NO point to bring this career backup in to lead the team when there are so many better options out there. But then again, there was NO point to bring in Doug Pederson to lead the team when there were so many better options out there, too. So I guess we’re just gonna have to sit back and take it up the tailpipe. Again.

“Give the guy a chance. You don’t know what’s going to happen.” Kindly shut the fuck up people. The writing is on the wall if/when this goes down. And for everyone saying “Let’s tank the season for Watson”, kindly shut the fuck up more. This defense should be good enough to where they won’t be shitty enough to be in the conversation of a top 5 pick. I’m envisioning a purgatory existence in the early to mid-teens of the draft for the next couple seasons. Fun stuff!

PS – I don’t know who this is but I already hate him more than life itself.