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David Terrell Says He Would Cut Both Of His Balls Off To Play With Jay Cutler



How much better is Jay Cutler than every other quarterback the Chicago Bears have employed this millennium? So much better that former Bears wide receiver David Terrell would have given his manhood just to play with him. “I would have cut off both my balls,” Terrell said, laughing. “I’d give those up, no problem. You could have neutered me. I would’ve been neutered with a smile. (Expletive), man, for real.”

Surely the former Michigan standout was exaggerating, but what is that saying about a shred of truth in every joke? Terrell’s comments came out of a recent interview with localChicago publication RedEye; the former receiver reached out to them after being put on a list of all-time Bears draft busts. (He was the eighth overall pick in the 2001 NFL Draft.)

Terrell said he failed as an NFL receiver only because of the myriad average quarterbacks who were throwing to him in Chicago. “Jay Cutler is without a doubt a top-10 quarterback in the league,” he said. “No doubt about that. His knowledge of the game, his pocket presence makes him that. I never witnessed that in the NFL.”


Love David Terrell. Just throwing that blame on everyone but himself. I mean yeah, I get it, before Cutty the Bears had 2 decades worth of atrocious at worst and mediocre at best quarterbacking, so David Terrell has a point, sort of. Right up until you remember that he had a shot to play with Tom Brady in 2005 when the Patriots signed him, and get this, in 2007, he actually played with Jay Cutler in Bronco’s training camp. So yeah David, you’re right, your quarterbacks sucked. Jim Miller, Craig Krentzel, Chad Hutchinson, woof. But if you’re going to tell us you would cut your nuts off, that you would actually neuter yourself to play with Cutler, well then chop away, because you did, that actually happened. Crazy right?