Ted Cruz Trying To Sing Might Be The Most Cringeworthy Video Of The Election



I watched this entire clip saying to myself, oh no Ted, don’t do it man, don’t sing, don’t even try to sing, please please please don’t. Just classic politician stuff here. Like when Hillary Dabs or Jeb talks about that one time he smoked weed and his mom got mad at him. Someone in their camp of advisors and strategists says they need to come across as normal, have a “humanizing” moment. Only the problem is none of these people are human, they’re all fucking weirdos and overachievers and robots. The guy who wanted to be a politician in college was the WORST. If you think hard enough I bet you can imagine him/her right this second. They weren’t normal, they were actually the exact opposite of normal. So it’s no shock here that Ted Cruz thinks singing oh my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling Heiditine while his wife is probably puking her brains out on speaker phone is cute and something everyone can relate to. Just stop guys, I don’t need human moments from any of these people. I don’t want to have a beer with them or want to know what their favorite recipe is. They’re all weirdos and misfits, otherwise they’d be normal people making good money and enjoying their normal life.