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Caps Beat The Kings, TJ Oshie And His Daughter Take The Cutest Picture Ever

Freaking adorable. Fresh off a 3-1 win over the Kings, the Caps returned to Kettler today so Oshie and his daughter could take the cutest picture since the last time they took the cutest picture. This family, I tell ya. And just wait til there’s another little Oshie in the bunch in June. These Stanley Cup pictures are going to be so freaking cute.

Oh and the Caps won 3-1 vs the Kings last night. Grub was fantastic in net, Orpik played well in his return, Tom Wilson killed a guy, and the 2nd line played their asses off, putting the Caps in the lead for good with this Kuzy goal:

The first goal of the game was beautiful as well, I love the way Orlov can move with the puck, guy is a stud on the blue line and we rarely talk about him.

Can’t wait til Beagle gets back and the Caps are (knock on wood) fully healthy.

Fun little schedule up ahead with 7 of the next 10 at home.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 4.54.59 PM

The Caps have 86 points on February 17th. Good lawd. 27 games til the playoffs.