Carlton Banks Gets Straight Up FEISTY When Asked About Scott Disick On Dancing With The Stars

TMZ – Alfonso Ribeiro did some serious fame shaming on Scott Disick … saying being Kardashian-adjacent isn’t enough to land a spot on “Dancing with the Stars.” Alfonso, who won ‘DWTS’ in 2014, went on a bizarre rant about Lord D outside Madeo Tuesday night — first claiming he doesn’t know or care about Disick, but then ripping his celeb status for a good minute. He flat out says Scott is “not a star,” and adds that Kardashians haven’t done much to boost ‘DWTS’ ratings in the past. His point seems to be Disick isn’t worth the half a million bucks he’s demanding.

BOLD move by Carlton questioning the star power of someone when DWTS is the only thing he’s been on for the past two decades. I will never question him because he’s earned it, but come on. There’s zero reason to get this defensive over your baby, especially over some pretty boy toy that wouldn’t sniff the taint of Carlton’s moves. Disick would drop out or drop dead midway through his first sashay.

2 quick points: 1) Complete amateur hour TMZ’ing by not asking Carlton to do the Carlton. Take away his fake press credentials for not asking that. And 2) Does Carlton ever get tired of doing the Carlton? He has to. But he kind of has to do it every time when asked, right? Can’t bite the hand that feeds you. He’s not Will Smith famous to where he can afford to not make people happy. Shit, I’m a low level loser blogger and I get asked to do chug offs to the point I’m thrilled I’m not blind yet. Carlton probably can’t go 20 feet without getting asked to boogie. But one thing’s for damn sure, Carlton DRIPS sex on the dance floor. No Tom Jones required, either.

And yes, I am aware his name is Alfonso Riberio. I don’t care and neither should he. Carlton for life. Onto the drippage.