Love Jeb Bush Flexing On Twitter, Posting A Pic Of His Personalized HandGun

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Donald Trump bully you? You become a joke to all of America? Oh whoops, what’s that in my pocket you ask? A tiny turtle doll for children? Well yes, but I’m talking about my other pocket, yeah this one, ask me what’s in this pocket. Oh it’s just my handgun, no big deal.



Fucking love it Jeb. Rooting so hard for the Jebber to get back in this race. Enough is enough. Sometimes a bully has to push back. Sometimes a bully has to remind everyone he’s armed and dangerous. And today is that day. No more Mr. Nice Jeb. Time to get real as fuck, or something, I honestly have no idea what to make of this tweet. #ThugLife


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Gonna suck so bad when Barbara sees this tweet and makes him delete it. We saw it though Jeb, we saw it.





If Jeb snaps and starts shooting people like every other awkward white guy that was bullied too hard before him, someone remind me to delete this blog. Awkward