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Paul McCartney Being Denied Entry To A Grammys Afterparty Hosted By Tyga Is The Opposite Of A Power Move


TMZ – This is one for the ages … Paul McCartney turned away at a Grammy after-party … not once, BUT TWICE.

Paul, Beck, and Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins went to Argyle in Hollywood Monday night to hobnob at the bash hosted by Tyga.

Security was not impressed and told them they were not welcome. You hear Paul say, “How VIP do we gotta get? We need another hit.”

After a second failed attempt, the trio bails and they make their way to Hyde for the Republic Records party. They had better luck there.


This video is going viral today with a lot of older people in particular saying that it’s another sign of disrespect from young people and musicians who don’t appreciate those who came before them. And it’s definitely a huge slap in the face that a guy like Paul McCartney would get turned away anywhere given how undeniably legendary he is. But at the same time Tyga literally has sex with girls who are reading Lord of the Flies in high school. You think he wants 75-year-old Paul McCartney and his melting candle face in the same club he’s trying to finger bang chicks in Sailor Moon backpacks? It’s not a sign of disrespect, it’s like Tyga saying “Yeah I want grey napkins” or “We should probably not check IDs or at least be more accepting of caricatures drawn onto a Post-It note.” Having Paul McCartney there is a drain on the decor. Like thanks for “Let It Be” and all that but some guys from drama school have auto tuned hits they’re trying to get pussy for, try again if you’re alive next year “Sir.”


But seriously if you’re Sir Paul I don’t know how you live with this one, gotta get that name back in the limelight with the kids somehow. Allow Kanye to sample one of your old songs during his next manic episode as long as he tweets about how you’re a genius to get a little bit of respect going again and let’s try to get back on track at A$AP Ferg’s Grammy party in 2017.