It Sounds Like An Extension Is Coming For Adrian Beltre And The Texas Rangers

Adrian Beltre is heading into his age-37 season, which is his sixth season in Texas, and is also the final year of his six-year deal with the Rangers.

Texas picked up Beltre’s 2016 option during spring training last year, a year in which Beltre hit .287 with a .788 OPS. It was Beltre’s lowest OPS since his final season in Seattle (.683), which is a ballpark known to snuff out power numbers. Despite seeing an annual decline in power since 2012, it sounds like Texas is interested in keeping Beltre in a Rangers uniform until he’s ready to call it a career.

Scott Boras expressed optimism Monday that Adrian Beltre will sign a contract extension with the Texas Rangers, increasing the chances that the future Hall of Famer finishes his career with the club.

“I think Adrian already had a discussion with them, in which he expressed a desire to stay,” Boras, Beltre’s agent, told FOX Sports in a telephone interview. “They want him there, and we’re going to work on that.”

When asked whether a deal is possible before Opening Day, Boras replied, “I’d say there are certainly grounds for a discussion of advancing Adrian’s contract, yes.”

It’s a little surprising to hear Scott Boras talk about an extension for a client of his, especially one who could probably still net a two-year deal as a free agent for decent money after this year. But the player gets what the player wants, and there’s no doubt that Beltre loves hitting in Texas, as he’s a career .333 hitter there with a .949 OPS in 1,754 plate appearances.

Despite the drop-off in power overall, Beltre still finished seventh in the voting for American League MVP last year. With everything that he brings to the table, perhaps his greatest strength is his durability. The Rangers know that they’re investing in a player who is going to play at least 140 games. Since his first full season in 1999 as a 20-year-old, Beltre has averaged 146 games a year over his career.