This Asian Taxi Driver Wanted To Fight Another Guy So Bad After Some Road Rage Incident


I know with the stereotypes with Asian drivers you’d assume they get in their fair share of these road rage videos but this might be the first time I’ve ever seen that pairing. And I have to say that I’d really like to see more of it now. Maybe this is subtly racist or something but I found his tirade to be just sort of adorable? If the other driver stepped out of the car perhaps it would have gotten violent with this taxi driver throwing out an equally stereotypical surprise martial arts move but instead it was just him stomping around with his Johnny Bravo hair bouncing all over. Even when he said “Fuck” a bunch at the end it sounded like Donald Duck going on a rant. More of these kinds of road rage videos, less of the PTSD guys trying to smash through a window to rip some guy’s throat out. The lighter side of road rage.


That said, in a fight I’d take the Asian taxi driver over this dude filming it every time. Don’t even need to see him. That loud cackle every time was hiding the pants pissing he must have been doing off camera. You step to Asian taxi driver you better come ready for war. This guy filming didn’t really want none.