Taylor Swift Is Officially The JJ Watt Of The Music Industry

Cheering for people who won awards she was nominated for. It’s her best friend guys (forgets to mention everyone is her best friend)




Stupid pre-arranged handshakes that make you want to puke.



Terrible seat dancing. I’ll actually give her a pass on this one, seat dancing is impossible. But still, fuck Taylor Swift.



Calling out all the haters (Kanye) and giving a special tip on how to be super successful. For all you young girls out there that just want to be Fabulous!!!






And there it is. Taylor Swift is the JJ Watt of the music industry. I know it feels like I’m on a hate kick right now (this is what happens in February when life sucks and you need baseball season/playoff hockey to begin), but she really is the worst. She’s blown past Chrissy Teigen as most annoying awards show personality. I now watch these things just to get my hate quota for the week filled. Waiting for the camera to pan to some brutal fabricated reaction or an awful dance letting everyone know she loves ALL music and supports ALL artists. The fakest of the fake. And just like JJ, somehow people believe it’s genuine. Unbelievable.