The "I Love Kanye" Song Set To The Seinfeld Theme Is A Little Too Much For Me



Nope nope nope.  Wanted to love it.  Hated it. It was super forced. “Hey Kanye is all over the news. Why not ram a 45-second song into the Seinfeld theme and see what happens.” You can’t blame them for trying. By the way, it’s hilarious that Kanye made a 45-second song that perfectly summed up how everyone feels about him and put it on the album.  Kanye knows.  He’s more self aware than people give him credit for. He knows people want Backpack Kanye. He knows people want the normal-sounding happy-go-lucky producer from the Chi. He’s just not that guy anymore.


Kanye’s mentor said it best:

Everybody look at you strange, say you changed
Like you work that hard to stay the same


My quick review of TLOP:


I really like it. Everything leading up to the album was flat out insufferable and insane. The name changes, the tweets, the MSG release, the delayed release of the actual album, the SNL performance.  All of it had me doubting Kanye was gonna put out a good album and I never thought I’d think that way. Kanye is one of the most consistent hip hop artists (and general artists) ever. The main reason I like TLOP is because it has balance. It’s old Kanye and new Kanye mixed together. You’ve got vintage stuff like Ultra Lightbeam, 30 Hours, No More Parties In LA, Real Friends and Feedback. Those could all be on early Ye albums. Those alongside heavilyy-produced and auto tuned Kanye are nice compliments.


TLOP did for me what I wanted Yeezus to do. I absolutely hated Yeezus. HATED it. It was awful in my opinion and that’s because it was nothing but Kanye blowing out production with almost zero lyrics. That Kanye drives me up a wall sometimes. But when he mixes it with old Kanye and raps over the crazy layered beats? Well then you’ve got yourself a pretty damn good album. That’s TLOP. No, it’s not MBDTF or College Dropout or even Late Registration. It’s still a really good album. Also, it is possible to hate Kanye the person and still enjoy Kanye the musician. It’s actually probably the best way to view Kanye.