Probably No Reason For The Blackhawks To Play This Series, Everyone At ESPN Thinks They're Going To Lose Anyway

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Well that’s it. Probably shouldn’t even show up tonight at the UC. I mean when Barry Melrose (who by the way has basically been picking the Hawks all season long and now decides to flip flop) takes the Bruins in 6 it just about seals the deal. Congrats Boston. Way to go on your Stanley Cup Championship. You guys crushed it. Hopefully we’ll see you next year.



I don’t understand the people picking Boston in 7. Boston in 6, fine, you think the Bruins are that much better than the Hawks even though you have zero actual comparison this year, but 7? You think the Bruins will win a game 7 at the United Center? K, see ya.


Also, if we’re being honest here, Bucci is the only person on this panel I care about. #ChainLove