Reason #5,628 To Never Go To The Dentist: The Drugs Make You Think Your Head Is Gonna Fall Off



It’s over.  It’s over for me and dentists from this day forward . Between this guy thinking his head is gonna fall off and the guy who woke up with a dick in his mouth, it’s safe to say we have more than enough excuses never to go to the dentist again. I said it in the dick blog that waking up with another man’s penis was enough to never step foot in a dentist’s office again and I was right. That guy thinking his head was gonna fall of is just the icing on the cake. Those places are houses of horror. Sticking dicks in places you don’t want them and giving you drugs that make you think body parts are gonna roll away. He was so convinced of it that he kept a goddamn roll of tape next to him. I’d rather have my teeth rot out of my skull than risk getting pumped full of happy gas and thinking my noggin is gonna roll off my shoulders.


PS- The practice of filming people while they’re tripping the fuck out and then putting it on YouTube needs to stop. It’s all fun and games until you have to get put under for a procedure and come out the other side yelling racial slurs or some shit.


Double PS- Somebody shut that kid up. Doesn’t he/she know that guy has a head-falling-off crisis on his hands? Kids are the worst.