Scrawny Hipster Gets A Pummeling Before Getting Eaten By His Own Dog


Classic. That high pitched scream is terrifyingly hilarious. I don’t know the context of this situation, but I’ll go out on a limb and say I’m 100% sure emaciated emo deserved every bad thing that happened to him in this video. Why? Even his own pup thinks he’s a douche. If your dog attacks you instead of a stranger, you’re a gigantic piece of shit. Plus I’d hammer the fact he named his pet “Dog” or “Dawg” just to be an ironic dick. The only greater red flag would be if he gave the pet an average human name. Can’t trust anyone who would name their pup “Dave” or “Gary”. Insanity. But in the end, Dog is of the only one in this video who doesn’t deserve to be sent to the pound.