I Love This Mashup Of The '88 MJ/Nique And '16 LaVine/Gordon Dunk Contests

That. Was. Awesome. Just the two best showdowns in dunk contest history together in one easy video. For as badly as the NBA usually botches basically every musical performance they put together for one of their events (and they botched many this weekend), they usually nail the videos on their YouTube page.

The wild thing about these contests is that many people will forever say that ‘Nique and Gordon were robbed. That’s how you know those were great showdowns. Yeah all the 50s, and memorable dunks. But the fact that the winner of the contests are still being debated today shows just how tight they were.

And while we are talking about All-Star Weekend, how about the three point contest just getting completely swept under the rug because the dunk contest was so good? Steph puts up a solid final round and Klay finishes red hot to win it. That is the story of Klay Thompson’s life right there. Incredible shooter but can’t catch a break when it comes to being THE story.

The finals start at 6:19 if the video doesn’t autostart there for you.