"The Day Beyonce Turned Black" Was The Best SNL Skit In A Long Time

“Some are saying Kerri Washington…might also be black”

SNL aint what it used to be, but every now and then they hit one out of the park. I suppose its even more of an indictment of the show that when they make a funny skit, it makes headlines. But whatever. Bottom line is this skit was genius. Hilarious shit because its true. Everyone up in arms about her new song coming off as Anti-cops and pro-black people is laugh out loud funny. Ummm what did you guys think she thought? You think Beyonce was like “Well you know, these black men find themselves in these predicaments for a reason!” “Well if these people just stopped breaking the law we wouldnt have to worry about this!” Did people think Beyonce was voting for Donald Trump? Anyone shocked by that song and the video and performance is an idiot.

I do love the idea of millions of white girls being like “YAASSSS. SLAY QUEEN! SLAY….wait what? Malcolm X? Katrina? Cops killing black people??? I dont like this one bit, Bey. NOT ONE BIT.”