Soccer Player Throws Dog Into Fence, Is By Far And Away The Worst Person On The Face Of The Earth

FURIOUS fans hound a bad-boy star who was sent off for THROWING A DOG against a pitch-side fence in Argentina. Supporters pelted Jose Jimenez when the Belle Vista player grabbed the mutt by its neck and attempted to hurl it into the stands. Jimenez’s sickening throw fell short and the pooch bounced back off the wire partition before running off to safety.

It sparked an all-in brawl as players from hosts San Juan piled in to the hated defender. And his horror hound-hurl earned Jimenez a straight red in the lower-league clash.


I say this with 100% sincerity, I hope this guy dies, like immediately. Fuck him times infinity. Like I watched that video and I sat at my computer and got visibly angry. Fists clenched. Red in the Face. All of it. People who fuck with animals in general and dogs in particular deserve to die the worst type of death imaginable. Not a red card, or an ejection, that means nothing, I want someone to pick him up by his neck and throw him into a fence 1 million times. See how he likes that.