The Next Miltons Pimp My Wedding Contest Starts Now For All You Guys Getting Married This Summer

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Miltons is going to hook up entire weddings, up to 8 groomsmen, with all the gear they need. Send in your email to and we’ll have stoolies vote for the winners. We’re loading up for the next wedding to pimp so send in your candidates now. Our next winner will be selected March 18th.



This Weeks Contestant


This has been a very entertaining post to read every friday. Everyone of these future grooms and groomsman definitely need a lot of help and thank god miltons hasn’t pulled this sponsorship yet. This submission is for a very close friend named Bryan and his wedding this upcoming July. He and we could definitely use some help.

Bryballs, VegasBryan, Brydog, and the Portuguese Hammer are few of the names we as the groomsman know him by and he is the first one in our group that has decided to dive deep into that cold sea named marriage. He’s a great hardworking guy who has always been there for all of us through thick and thin as long as he didn’t have a family obligation to attend. Seriously though, when it comes down to it he’s always been a family man known to his college roommates (northeastern grad) as Mama Freitas, so he deserves one night to let loose a little bit and for a great wedding. I cant think of a guy who deserves this more but I’ll let the pictures and the fading hair line do the convincing.


Some of the groomsman:

Help us all out with this portuguese irish wedding combo event. We need to be well dressed while consuming large amounts of madeira wine mixed with jameson while roaming the streets of new bedford in search of that white whale.



The Groom
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The Groomsmen
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