Happy 26th Birthday To One Robert Griffin The Third

Happy 26th to the former QB of the future, Bobby Griffin III. We might never see a season like 2012 ever again. When the read option was all the rage, RG3 ran it to perfection, and was throwing perfect bombs to his open WRs. When his knee was healthy, his head was on straight, and the world was his oyster. Oh, what could have been, what could have been.

But I, like most/hopefully all Skins fans, will never root against him. He put his body on the line for this team. He won an NFC East championship, a rookie of the year award, and went to the Pro Bowl in his rookie season. He was the most exciting player in football week in and week out. It didn’t pan out for him here due to a large, large number of reasons, but his career is far from over. He just spent an entire season learning to throw from the pocket. He learned a lot about how to handle himself off the field. And he will get more opportunities. His numbers aren’t even bad, it just wasn’t going to work here under Gruden. Robert is still young, still hungry, and hopefully will catch on and play well somewhere like Houston. Still only 26 years old, a lot of guys take this long or even more to develop. Best of luck to young Bob, as his release from the Skins is imminent. Thank you for the 2012 season and all the page views since. Respect.