Girls Revealed How They Really Feel About 69ing (Along With Some Horrific Stories)

 Me and my boyfriend did 69 last night but he was on top. His balls were in<br />
my eyes and up my nose, not a turn on at all.


Shouts to this guy who thinks that a Roman war helmet/throat fucking combo is a great way to 69 with a girl. And they say parents don’t raise enough gentlemen these days. Girls sitting on faces is pretty chill though so let’s focus more on that with the rest of these confessions:






 My and my boyfriend finally 69ed and it was great but he was trying to<br />
tell me to keep quiet and I couldn


I like 69 but my bf does it so well that I lose focus and actually stop<br />
giving him head


 My boyfriend and I 69 before sex because I love seeing him happy


 I always feel more intimate with my boyfriend when we 69 than during sex



My boyfriend loves to 69 and I love it too. But sometimes having my ass in<br />
his face makes me uncomfortable.







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