#Truckday Marks the Unofficial Start to Spring Training


Pitchers and Catchers aren’t due to report to camp for another 5 days, but today is #TruckDay which is really the unofficial start of Spring Training. The 50+ foot equipment truck begins it’s trek to Clearwater, FL, filled with thousands of player and front-office items.

This list is missing a few things. The gear is nice, but where is the Skoal and Redman? How about the Big League Chew and BBQ David’s sunflower seeds? Even Ranch will do. These are the bare essentials. At least they have the Hot Dog Launcher. Nothing better than a cold hot dog launched out of a cannon by the Philly Frenetic land in your lap.

A lot to be excited about this season and quality content to come during the next few months, including a trip to Spring Training, Sunday March 6. DM me if you plan to be down at the same time.