Chipotle Didn't Cook Jaylan's Chicken All The Way Through. Jaylan Got Even.

DYING. Jaylan doesn’t get mad, Jaylan gets even. Cook his motherfucking chicken all the way through and he won’t have to steal the big ass iced tea machine. I can’t even type this blog without laughing about how ridiculous it is. He even tagged Chipotle on Twitter to let them know Jaylan don’t blame these games. I don’t know the last time I laughed this hard. Jaylan is NOT playing around. I’m just picturing him at the Chipotle like ohhhh helllllll nawwwwww, scooping up the iced tea, and just strutting out the door. Two can play this game, Chipotle. I don’t even know if he used the word “finessed” properly there, but it’s hilarious that he used it at all. Going all SAT in his Tweet. Just too funny. Cook his damn chicken next time or he might just pick up a little Mexican woman and take her next. Want that on your conscience, Chipotle? Didn’t think so.