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Does Shadowboxing A Rocky Fight During A McGillian's Open Mic Get This Guy Laid?

To be honest…maybe? I don’t even know anymore. You never know if he was able to pluck an Adrian from the herd gouging on $8 Bud Light pitchers and chicken fingers. I’m not saying it should work but upstairs there’s always a shot. McGillian’s open mic night is usually reserved for musical acts over comedy, and I guess this falls in neither? Maybe file it under Interpretative Down’s. Nevertheless, gotta give credit where credit is do with slipping those imaginary jabs.

Open mics, man. Most of them are civilized and an overall good time filled with budding talent. But you do sometimes get your nuts along with the tools. I’ve spent way to much time down the stand up comedy rabbit hole to understand that you gotta enjoy the good, but LOVE the bad and awkward. Example: One of my favorite amateur night clips of all-time, “BICEPS: Lord Of The Cringe”. Hilarious.

h/t Pat