That Boob Martin Shkreli Tried To Buy Kanye's New Album For Just Himself For $10,000,000

This motherfucker won’t stay away. Reaching Trump levels of annoyance. But the big difference is Trump is wildly entertaining, while Shkreli is a wormy, slimy annoyance. I’m a big heel guy- always root for the bad guy. Shkreli somehow makes rooting for hard to do. I love that he throws around money, I love that he doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about him, and I love that he bought the Wu Tang album to try and get some exclusive pussy that only the Wu Tang album can get (though I’m not sure he was reaching the right demographic of pussy, but who knows). But offering Ye 10 million dollars for this album is just crying for attention. Everyone knows Kanye would never, ever, ever, ever do this deal. And this is the Tweet where Shkreli jumps the shark completely:

Ohhh shut the fuck up. That’s like when a chick tells a dude she’s pregnant just to keep them around and for attention, absolutely nobody is buying what he’s selling. He is just throwing shit at the wall, begging people to take him seriously. So I think it’s time we put Shkreli in the dirt. He’s had his time, but now he’s just sad and pathetic and doesn’t deserve any more of our attention upon the completion of this blog.