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We've Got A New Teaser Trailer For Silicon Valley!





Listen, Game of Thrones is going to get all of the hype as we approach April and rightfully so. The show costs a trillion dollars, HBO markets the shit out of it, it’s a great show, people love it and people wanna know what the hell happened to Jon Snow. I’m one of those people. GOT and Margaery Tyrell’s tits are my jam. But people better not sleep on Silicon Valley coming back too. It’s the perfect compliment to Game of Thrones. Dragons, fire, killing, swords, incest, kings, etc etc then right into a bunch of funny nerds at a start up company. Silicon Valley season one was spectacular. A barrel of laughs every week. It included one of the funniest moments in TV history that made me laugh harder than I’ve laughed in 10 years (below). The writing is great and the actors are too. So yeah, Jon Snow and his flowing locks of hair will steal most of the spotlight but don’t forget about Pied Piper.