A Comedian Proposed To His Girl Onstage Before His Set And He Probably Would Like To Have That One Back

Mirror – Political satirist and comic Tim Young invited his girlfriend onstage at the Riot Act theatre in Washington DC to make a deeply-felt speech about their relationship.

The video starts where Tim says she means “everything to him”, and he wanted to tell her that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

As he takes a ring box out of his pocket, her expression is anything but overjoyed.

Talking off-mic, she looks appalled, and the duo have a short tete-a-tete in full view of the audience. She finally leaves the stage abruptly, and he turns to the audience.

“I guess I’ll try to do some jokes,” he dejectedly tells the crowd.


It looks like this video is actually from a few years back but somehow the Internet didn’t do its job back then and it’s only going viral now. And personally I’m just glad the video is getting its moment in the sun because we need to force ourselves to watch these public engagement rejections as a reminder that you better only do that life-altering shit when you’re 100% certain. Sure divorce rates keep rising and our dating app-based culture has made human interaction too disposable and those alone are signs that you should think extra carefully before deciding to marry someone. But there’s no better wake-up call than seeing a relationship fail right before your eyes. All these hopes from this dude crushed in an instant while he murmurs out “I guess I’ll try to do some jokes” like the world’s saddest clown. And he’s a lucky one! At least this happened before he put a deposit on a wedding venue or actually got married and had a child. Right before Valentine’s Day, it’s a helpful reminder for us all I say.


At the same time, maybe this public proposal attempt worked for this guy. He definitely seems to have used the disappointment from this situation to help take his political comedy to a higher plane of existence:


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