Mark Cuban Checking In With The Ultimate "Shit, I'm Married" Face

Mark, you dog you! Look at the fun bags on that hose hound! But Cuban’s expression here is priceless. There’s NO chance he’s getting away with this photo scot-free from the wife. That’s not the way women work, and he knows that. Cuban’s (most likely) an upstanding husband and didn’t lay a finger on her, but that face illustrates the classic no-win scenario. He’s just doing his job as a celebrity and obliging with a photo, yet still the questions and allegations from the wife will be a-plenty. It doesn’t matter if he’s a fucking billionaire. Jealousy + women override any dollar amount. Combine that with the “If only I weren’t married” thoughts running through his head and you’ve got the conundrum on his face you see here.

Put those tits on Shark Tank and start the bidding. Mr. Wonderful could probably profit another billion off each nipple.